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          Guaranteed Technical Specifications

          Chemical formula: KH2PO4
          Molecular weight: 136.09
          Standard executed: HG2321-1992(INDUSTRIAL GRADE)GB25560-2010(FOOD GRADE)
          Throughput: 70000t/a


          White or colorless crystal, easily soluble in water, relative density at 2.338, melting point at 252.6℃, and PH value of 1% solution is 4.5


          Used to manufacture metaphosphate in medical or food industry. Used as a high effective K and P compound fertilizer. It contains totally 86% fertilizer elements, used as a basic raw material for N, P and K compound fertilizer.

          Packing and storage

          Plastic-woven sack with polythene inner bag, net weight at 25kg, 50kg or 1000kg. Store at a ventilated, dry place.


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